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Picture if you will a Merry-Go-Round with 4 kids in the middle and 12 children outside alternately pulling then pushing their friends in a clockwise rotation. Many variables like friction, weariness, strength and interest will effect just how fast and how long the MGR will spin. If a generator at the center of the MGR extracted the rotational energy of the MGR converting it to electricity, we would have a kid powered motor/generator. The MGR example represents every kind of motor in the world. There are hundreds of variations of the sources of power and the design of machines to efficiently extract rotational mechanical energy and convert it to electrical power. Modern society has developed an insatiable appetite for electrical power ! All the power sources used by any motor changes the environment in some way. Coal fired electrical power generation is a huge industry. If you couple coal with other fossil fuels, you account for 70% of the rotational energy used for electricity. Nuclear and hydro electric power add another 25% and a dozen other less practical, more restrictive power sources make up the difference. Anything you burn or “split” carries with it some negative environmental impact. But then “cleaner” resources like hyrdo, wind and solar carry with them severe limitations for geographic areas where they would be practical. But consider the new technology demonstrated in the video (We call it PMM or permanent magnet motor technology), that can totally side-step all the negative environmental impact and all the geographic limitations ! The powers that be are very heavily invested in existing technology that is still producing abundant wealth for them. You know they would have great interest in keeping things status quo. Do you think that they might also be highly motivated to squash any upstart technology company they veiw as a threat so that they could continue to exploit the old technology that they monopolize ? In some cases old line companies “buy-up and bury” new technologies, never intending to develop cleaner greener methods. Consider also that power industry companies contribute to the election campaigns of politicians who support favorable legislation that help them maintain their monopolies ! Friends ... It's time to start a revolution against Energy Tyranny ! Like the Boston Tea Party patriots demanded, "No taxation without representation !", we can peacefully assemble the Green Tea Party where we say, "No higher prices without suppressed green energy devices !" Now consider the second video called "The Energy Lie". It really emphasizes the issue of why new green energy technologies are suppressed. This is why we at FerroGreen Alternatives are appealing to YOU, the largest self intrest group in America. That self interest group is “"We the People”" because ultimately, it is YOU who will demand a change to the current high cost of electricity and high pollution impact of old technology. Will you join us and be part of this Energy Revolution, the Green Tea Party ? We need your help launch the PMM and other green energy technologies that we believe will change everything ! Just give us your name, email address and your zip code. You will then be a FerroGreen Power Pact, FGPP member. FerroGreen Alternatives will put you on our email list to educate and inform you about new alternative energy technologies and build a 2 million person base of voters and supporters who will watch live demonstrations of revolutionary technologies. Joining is totally FREE and though we can't promise anything specific at this point ... we expect to offer substancial benefits ! It's a "No Beaner" ! Make the World and your Wallet GREENER ! FerroGreen Alternatives, LLC